Peerless IP Cores

Throughout our 24-year history, Peerless has built a reputation for developing high-performance imaging technology.  Today we offer a select library of IP cores to reduce BOM cost, enhance product features and shorten integration efforts.  Our market-proven cores can be integrated into SoCs, ASICs, and ASSPs.

Graphics Rendering Co-Processor
(GRP) — The GRP accelerates rendering of any page description language (PDL).  It provides improved performance with less-powerful and less expensive processors.  The GRP reads an order list from memory, which contains a sequential list of instructions called graphic orders.

Compression cores
— Using our patented compression algorithms, customers can minimize memory use in their printing systems.  Codecs (compression/decompression algorithms) are specifically designed for contone (8 bpp) and bi-level (1 bpp) imaging devices.  Peerless' compression cores enable lossless and visually lossless image compression.

Raster image trapping — Our raster image trapping core masks registration gaps without consuming CPU cycles or reducing processor performance.  This enables our customers to cost-effectively compete against more expensive print engines.  Independent of specific PDLs, our trapping allows higher quality output from virtually any system.

Universal print engine interface
(Print video controller) — This video interface logic enables synchronous or asynchronous communication with a print engine.  It simplifies integration into a wide range of engine models from a variety of manufacturers.

Raster Processing Unit
(RPU) — Peerless' RPU converts color from a broad range of color input sources to CMYK.  Its highly accurate color conversion improves image quality and optimizes continuous tone grayscale and color output.

Halftoner — The halftoner from Peerless allows for differences in the halftoning of various page objects as a means to produce sharper text, clearer photos, and richer graphics.  Our halftoner supports up to four different halftones based on the object type of a given pixel.

Band Composition Unit
(BCU) — Our BCU is a page composer that assures correct image position and scale on a page.  It also enables page rotation in memory with no performance degradation.

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