Networking -- Novell NEST Office SDK

As the sole provider of NEST functionality outside Novell, Peerless offers a standards-based portable SDK that enables Novell NEST Office.  This SDK allows our customers to add distributed NEST networking to a variety of intelligent devices. Our SDK incorporates:

  • NetWare connectivity -- an ODI (Open Data-Link Interface) client/server model that supports the co-existence of multiple transport protocols, enables multiple network drivers and allows the device to act as a client, server, or both
  • NetWare services -- provides access to NetWare functions such as bindery, directory, connection, messaging, file system and queue management
  • NetWare interoperability -- enhanced interoperability by making networking software portable to other embeddable operating systems or proprietary operating systems

*Open Data-Link Interface, ODI, Link Support Layer, LSL, Multiple Link Interface Driver, MLID, are trademarks of Novell, Inc.

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