Peerless' Page Description Languages (PDLs)

Peerless PDLs are designed to deliver high quality imaging with accurate color and enhanced clarity. Customers can choose a market-proven PDL SDK uniquely suited to their specific requirements:

PeerlessXPS™ Embedded Document Workflow Solution
PeerlessXPS is a suite of high performance modular products that support Microsoft's XPS digital document platform. The suite features:

  • Embedded XPS interpreter -- designed to process XPS directly on an embedded platform, even with limited CPU and memory
  • Hardware IP core acceleration module -- optimizes the performance of the unique graphics features available in XPS
  • Scan to XPS -- seamlessly integrates MFPs into Microsoft® XPS-based workflows

As a veteran developer of PCL emulation interpreters, our technology has been substantiated by millions of units in use worldwide. The PeerlessPrint SDK provides high quality resolution-independent imaging for a variety of monochrome and contone color devices.

Adobe® PostScript® with PDF
Peerless' SDK provides genuine Adobe PostScript 3™ and PDF technologies for use in office environments and professional publishing. As a long-standing partner of Adobe Systems we are a prime provider of licensing, certification, and porting services for Adobe PostScript and PDF applications.

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